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Download Speed Stepper
Version 0.92

Download Turbo Tray
Version 0.91 (1/30/2003)

Disclaimer:  Speed Stepper & Turbo Tray make modifications to your system that cause it to behave differently then designed.  While, these changes appear harmless, there hasn't been enough testing at this point to safely say this for a fact.  Because of that I must stress USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I cannot be responsible for any adverse effects to your XScale based Pocket PC.  It is very possible at some point a hard reset will be necessary.  Therefore, I highly recommend making a backup of your system before using Speed Stepper or Turbo Tray. 

Speed Stepper is a XScale speed stepping program.  There are a number of speeds that the XScale processor is capable of.  This program currently lets you select three of them.  100 MHz, 200 MHz, and 300 MHz.   Executing the program will show you what your current speed setting is and let you change it.

In addition Speed Stepper provides access to a number of frequencies other then 100, 200, & 300 MHz.  Just press the "Show More Frequencies" button and a previously unavailable run and turbo frequencies are shown. The ones that are not grayed out are selectable. 

There are a number of planned future enhancements but right now what you see is what you get. The best part is that Speed Stepper is completely free.  I also will be releasing the source code once I get it a bit more complete and put comments in the code.  This way users will be able to enhance the software and make it better.  

I haven't built an installer yet, so you have to manually copy SpeedStepper.exe to your h1910.  Once there just execute it and you will be able to change your speed right away.  So enjoy for now and check back for updates. 

Turbo Tray is a resident, system tray application that will allow 300 MHz turbo and 200 Mhz to be toggled easily and quickly. Turbo mode will be saved after powering off and on the system. Turbo Tray.exe can be placed  into your StartUp folder to get 300 MHz after a soft reset also. You will have to enable it though Turbo Tray again, but it is just one click away.

Turbo Tray Features:

  • Sticky - Will remain in turbo mode even after being powered off and on.

  • Does not show up in WISbar process list.

  • Only a Single click is required to cycle through all speeds.

  • Double click the system tray icon to bring up Turbo Tray dialog.

  • Uses 300 MHz turbo only, same as what all 300 MHz XScale based systems use.

  • 100 MHz can be a part of the cycled frequencies for increased power savings.

  • Icon shows current spped

  • Compatible with Speed Stepper.

  • Turbo Tray is Free!

There is currently no installer for Turbo Tray, but I would suggest placing it in your StartUp folder.

Turbo Tray 472 is just like the original version of Turbo Tray, but it supports frequencies of 100, 400, & 472 MHz.   472 MHz does not work on all systems.  I have heard good reports on the e740, but bad reports on the Axim 400.  If you have an Axim, download the 492 version.

Download Turbo Tray 472 Here.

Turbo Tray 498 is just like the original version of Turbo Tray, but it supports frequencies of 100, 400, & 498 MHz.   498 MHz has an L value of 27 and an N value of 2.5.  Because of this, using 498 should work on most systems.  The only drawback may be increased power drain.  From what I have heard, this is the only value above 400 MHz that works on the Axim.  If you have an Axim, download this version.

Download Turbo Tray 498 Here.

Turbo Tray 333 is just like the original version of Turbo Tray, but it supports frequencies of 100, 200, 300, & 333 MHz.  333 MHz is not enabled by default, the option must be checked first.  It may or may not work on your system.  Some people have reported success with 333 MHz on the h1910.  The screen will most likely dim as the processor is drawing more current the before, this is normal.  Although lockups may be likely and require a hard reset.

Download Turbo Tray 333 Here.



Are you tired of having your Pocket PC accidentally turn on in your pocket and later find the battery has been drained? Well Power Countdown will solve this little nuisance.

Power Countdown is a new application I wrote.  Power countdown is a software based power off with a 5 second timer.  Enabling Power Countdown will place an icon in the system tray.  Pressing this icon, marked with will shut off the system immediately.  Powering back on after a power off in this fashion will caues a 5 second timer to countdown to 0.  The timer will display in the system tray, ,,,,. If the icon is pressed within the 5 seconds, the icon is redisplayed and the countdown is canceled.  If nothing is pressed, power will be shut off.  If the counting down icon is double tapped it will redisplay the dialog from whick Power Countdown can be exited.

Power Countdown is a effective way of preserving what little batter life pocket PCs have.  Power Countdown will save power that is lost by accidental power ups.  Download it free of charge below.

Download Power Countdown Here! (System Tray Version)

Download Power Countdown Here! (Direct Access Version) - Running this version is useful if you want to run Power Countdown in the start menu. Using this version means when run the system will be immediatly shut off. Stopping the countdown will exit the program.

Once Again, Power Countdown is brought to you free of charge.  Donations are highly appreciated and it helps me to keep bringing useful software like Power Countdown to you..  It is not necessary, just appreciated..  If you are interested, I have a PayPal account at riser@comcast.net.  Thanks
- kriser

Key Guard


Key Guard is a little application that will make sure that the application buttons cannot power the unit on.  Key Guard will place a lock icon on the system tray.  When the icon is in the locked position, the keys can only turn off the unit, if already on, and keep the unit off if its already off.

Download Key Guard

Source and Instructions are now available here.

If anyone would like to make a donation, I have set up a PayPal account, riser@comcast.net. It is totally optional. Just put it out there because a few people have asked.

If you have any comments you can mail them to riser@elevatedstudios.com or post them on the Message Board.

Also check out some of the other programs I have done, check out www.elevatedstudios.com or you can check out the Soundboard, a Flash based Sounds FX player (PC) at http://elevatedstudios.com/soundboardv3.htm

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